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Job Hunting and Career Searching: Career and Job Hunting Rsearch

Researching Career Opportunities

Job Hunting Research @ CSULA

Looking for a job is tough work. The best job hunters and most successful candidates use information to their advantage. Researching industries, job related sources and companies including competitors can really make the difference between an OK interview and a GREAT one. Same goes for cover letters and even on-line resumes and job applications.


Invest some time in your future by researching the industries, jobs and companies that you'd like to see yourself working in or at. It can really make the difference!


Job Hunting Research Databases

Library Databases and Internet Sites

The following databases and internet sites can be useful for researching industries, jobs (description, working envronment, likeliness of openings over the coming years etc) and more. Use information like this to polish resumes and cover letters as well as to sound informed and knowledgeable in interviews and when writing thank you notes or emails after interviews. Also, don't forget to visit the CSULA Career Development Center for more help or individualized consultation on resume/cover letter writing, interview preparation and job hunting strategies. Good luck!

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