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OneSearch Coverage: Q & A

Library Electronic Subscription Coverage in OneSearch

Q & A

What is the difference between OneSearch and Primo?
Primo, we call it OneSearch at California State University, is a web-scale discovery platform featuring an intuitive and mobile-ready single interface that provides a gateway to a wealth of print, electronic and digital collections.  The interface makes it easy to find, explore, cite, save and share books and media from across the CSU Libraries.  OneSearch includes CSU+, a new book and media sharing system for the entire CSU.

What is the difference between Primo and Primo Central Index?
Primo/OneSearch is the interface through which you search for content.  Primo Central Index (PCI) is a centralized Primo index serving as a knowledgebase for discovery. It’s comprised of journal articles, e-books, reviews, legal documents and more that are harvested from primary and secondary publishers and aggregators, and from open-access repositories. Not all Cal State LA subscription resources are indexed by PCI. Some of the resources indexed by PCI are not available directly from Cal State LA Library, but these materials can be requested through our Interlibrary Loan Services.

What are you searching?
Primo/OneSearch is a search tool that allows you to find and access a wide range of print and electronic resources provided by the library.  These resources are drawn from both ALMA and Primo Central Index.   Alma contains the library’s physical items of print books, print journals, theses, scores, maps, video and CDs, microfilm, and other physical items as well as eBooks & eJournals.  The Primo Central Index is an aggregation of hundreds of millions of scholarly e-resources and includes many of the library’s article databases. While PCI is increasing its coverage, many library’s subscription journal packages, index/abstract and non-article based databases are not covered currently.  These subscription resources not indexed by PCI are not available for searching in Primo/OneSearch.

Some Clarifications

  • Databases/packages/collections not covered in Primo Central Index (PCI) are not available for search in OneSearch.  A big number of our subscription databases are not covered in PCI (details below).
  • When you check the box “Include results beyond Cal State”, you will be searching the entire PCI including those resources indexed in PCI that we don’t have subscriptions to.  At the results page, articles we don’t own can be requested via ILLiad Interlibrary loan.
  • In Journal Search, the search is retrieving results from Alma.   As long as the journal (whether it’s a single journal subscription or included in a collection/database) is in either a CSU shared subscription or campus local subscription, it will be pulled and displayed in the result page.  
  • Even though these type of journals are searchable in Journal Search and in OneSearch by journal title, articles within these journals are not searchable in OneSearch if these journals are not covered in PCI.  
  • In a given article search, if a journal name covering that article displayed in the Facet under Journal Titles is because the journal is covered in Primo Central Index.
  • Update schedule: Alma refreshes every few hours throughout the day so results added will become available in a few hours.  PCI reflects changes every Monday for newly activated resources prior to Thursday. 
  • Report-a-problem is available on every full result display page. Please encourage users to use the form to report any problems.
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