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MKT 4810 Mobile Marketing Strategy & App Development  

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MKT 4810 Mobile Marketing Strategy and App Development

Midterm Exam

This exam is worth 20% of your grade (20 points out of 100). Type your answers and email them as a word document to Your exam is due by midnight  April 7th.  You may work as groups. If you work as a group put all names on the submitted paper and have one person email final paper and cc teammates.

Answer each of the following questions in at least 5 pages of double-spaced, one-inch margin, 12-point font text. To adequately answer these questons it will likely require much more than 5 pages each/20 total. I offer the page lengths as minimums. If you write for length, however, your answers will mostly likely be incomplete and inadequate. Write for objective (answering the question based upon the material in the videos and textbook) and clarity. Each question is worth 5 points.

1.  What is the customer decision journey generally?  How can it be applied to mobile marketing? What are the stage and touch-points generally? What are the stages and touch-points for mobile marketers? How do mobile consumers differ from ones IRL?

2. Analyze each of the following elements of mobile marketing and explain their role and importance in mobile marketing strategy (e.g. the mobile purchase funnel):

  • Mobile website
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile advertising
  • Mobile apps

3. Conduct a mobile website audit for Distant Lands, a travel bookstore in Old Pasadena. Use the model we utilized during class (check course website). Make specific recommendations for this business to improve their mobile website for m-commerce, customer loyalty and customer support.

4. Conduct a mobile/local SEO audit for Distant Lands a travel bookstore in Old Pasadena. Use the model we utilized during class (check course website). Make specific recommendations for this business to improve their local SEO.



Class Time and Location

Week 11 April 14: We will meet at 3:00 in B101 of Library North (downstairs lab). Ask at library information desk for directions!



Salazar C139
Friday 4:00-6:45
Professor: Michael Germano
Text: 769-287-1015
Phone:  323-343-3963
Office Location: Library North Room 1018A (Ask for me at reference desk)
Office Hours: Monday 2-4; Tuesday 3-6; Wednesday 3-4; Thursday 3-5; Friday 11-12

Course Materials

  • Mobile Marketing by Daniel Rowles (can be purchased from bookstore; also available through library as an ebook)
  • (selected videos) accessed from

Course Description

MKT 4810 - Mobile Marketing Strategy and App Development (3) Prerequisite: MKT 3800 and consent of instructor. Focused on the development and creation of strategic marketing plans and mobile apps for mobile device users with the intent to engage in connected, location-based mobile marketing strategy. Some Sections may be Technologically Mediated.



Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course students will have knowledge and/or competency in the following specific areas:

  • Understand and evaluate the ways in which marketers engage consumers on mobile, portable, handheld devices like smartphones and tablets;
  • Comprehend the technological environment of mobile marketing and the tools that drive it as well as their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Understand the technological environment of handheld devices that mobile marketing depends upon;
  • Analyze for strategic effectiveness specific mobile marketing tools including mobile search, mobile web design, location based promotions, mobile display ads, apps and mobile social media for inclusion in mobile marketing strategic plans;
  • Evaluate a website for mobile functionality, user experience and responsive design priciples;
  • Evaluate and optimize a website for local/geographic discoverability;
  • Understand and create Google AdWords' location based campaigns;
  • Appreciate the unique legal and ethical issues related to mobile devices marketing and location-based marketing;
  • Craft a mobile marketing strategic/tactical plan for an existing business using an appropriate mix of mobile and location based marketing tools in order to meet specific mobile marketing objectives;
  • Interpret mobile marketing metrics as a way to gauge effectiveness of mobile marketing tactics, strategies and decisions;
  • Understand the ways in which mobile apps are developed and created specifically for strategic marketing purposes;
  • Conceptualize and create a simplified mobile app (Android and Apple) that satisfies a strategic marketing objective.


Course Requirements

Students in MKT 4810 can earn 100 points total over the course of the semester. The total points earned will determine the final grade:
























Grades are based upon the follow requirements/deliverables. More detailed information about each assignment will be provided before the due date and posted on the course website:


  • Exams (40 points): There will be a midterm and final, Each exam will be worth 20 points. Exams will require application on concepts discussed in class, videos and readings.
  • Mobile Marketing Strategic Audit/Analysis (25 points; individual assignment): In a 5-7 page polished business report you will examine a brands mobile marketing presence and evaluate for strategic effectiveness.
  • Mobile Marketing Strategy Plan and Presentation (35 points; group project): Working in groups of 2 or 3 you will craft and present a mobile marketing strategy for a brand including conceptualization of at least one mobile app that is aligned with strategic purposes.


 Course Policies

A student that succeeds in must demonstrate the following traits and characteristics:

  • Observes all university policies related to academic honesty and adheres to them at all times;
  • Shows up on time and prepared for class each week and stays focused for the entire period;
  • Actively engages professor and classmates during discussions and class activities;
  • Adopts disciplined study/work habits that allocate at least 4 hours per week on average for reading. outside preparation and completion of requirements;
  •  Is fully aware of all due dates, equiz dates, course requirements and asks professor (via email or office hours) if they do not;
  •  Checks email regularly and communicates with professor in a timely way when needed;
  • Does not make excuses for missed deadlines or failed work and instead offers solutions to the problem of not meeting course requirements;
  • Works effectively with colleagues on three group projects/presentations;
  •  Acts like an adult who accepts full responsibility for their choices and actions whether they result in success or failure;
  •  Commits fully to their professional success as a student while achieving balance in their personal life so it does not impinge upon that commitment.


Students with Disabilities

The university provides reasonable accommodations to students with documented physical and learning disabilities.  The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), located in Student Affairs Room 115 coordinates all documentation of disabilities (323-343-3140)


If you have any questions at any point during the semester please contact the professor via email or during office hours as soon as possible.

Class Schedule


Topics Covered

Videos, Readings &

Due Dates



·     Introduction to course

·     Review of syllabus




·     Mobile consumers

·     Digital consumption

·     M-commerce

Rowles Chapters 1-2



·     Technological change and marketing (ONLINE CLASS)

·     Disruptive integration

·     Platform independence

Rowles Chapter 3-5 Customer Decision Journey



·     Overview of mobile and app based marketing  (ONLINE CLASS)

Mobile Marketing Fundamentals (



·     Mobile websites

·     Design principle

·     Responsive, user centered design


Chapter 9




·       Mobile search and discovery (ONLINE CLASS)

·       AdWords local

Local SEO (



  • Mobile search (cont’d)
  • Social Media and Mobile

Rowles Chapter 11 &12



Conducting Mobile Audits

  • Strategic objectives
  • User Experience
  • Measuring Effectiveness
  • ROI


None (Catch up before Midterm)




Rowles Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11 & 12 Customer Decision Model; Mobile Marketing Fundamentals; Local SEO 


MIDTERM Take home (Posted on course website and due 4/7)


Spring Break




·     Mobile Marketing Strategy (ONLINE CLASS)

Mobile Marketing Strategy (



·       Mobile Marketing Strategy (conti’d)

  •  Mobile marketing technologies and Campaigns
    • Augmented reality and real world integration via mobile
    • QR codes
    • NFC
    • SMS
    • App Based Campaigns

Rowles Chapter 10

Rowles Chapters 14-17

Mobile Audit Individual Project Due



·     App development tools (ONLINE CLASS)

Simple Android Development Tools (



·     App Store Optimization/Discovery (ONLINE CLASS)

App store optimization (



·     Mobile Advertising

·     Mobile Analytics

Rowles Chapters 13 and 18



·    Strategy presentations 

Mobile Marketing Strategy Reports & Presentations Due


Finals Week


Rowles Chapters 10, & 13-17 : Mobile Marketing Strategy, Simple Android Development Tools, App Store Optimization


FINAL EXAM (Take home; Posted on Site 5/12 and Due 5/19)



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