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MKT 460 Internet Marketing: Getting Started


Week 9 is upon us.

Last two cases will be covered in class.

Make sure you attend this week and stay for the university-wide assessment. Participation will get you an extra 3 points on your final grade for the quarter.

You have two more weeks to work on your blogs. Some of you are hurting in this area...

Final presentations will all take place week 10.


           MKT 460 Internet Marketing      Syllabus        Winter 2012

Salazar Hall 363

Tuesday 6:10-10:00 PM

Catalog Description

MKT 460 - Internet Marketing (4) 
Prerequisite or corequisite: MKT 304. Integration of Internet marketing into an organization’s overall marketing effort; covers Internet research, consumer behavior, and marketing mix strategy development and execution; coordination with other e-commerce applications. 

Course Objectives

MKT 460 is an advanced marketing course that builds upon students existing knowledge in order to conceptualize the ways in which digital marketing strategies are devised as well as integrated within a firm’s overall marketing efforts. More specifically, the course focuses on how businesses use the internet, social media and wireless connectivity in order to foster customer engagement in order to develop new or existing markets. MKT 460 has a pronounced emphasis upon hands on learning. Students will be exposed to emerging technologies and their application to the marketing process in order to critique existing strategies and tactics while at the same time developing new ones of their own. Primary emphasis will be placed upon the consultative nature of marketing and the use of internet-based technologies for branding, promotion, advertising, customer segmentation and, ultimately, revenue growth. Students who complete the class will have a solid foundation in the methods marketing professionals employ to adapt technology for the purpose of connecting with customers in order to grow businesses.

Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course students will have knowledge and/or competency in the following specific areas:

·     Internet, social media, mobile and wireless technology terminology that is relevant to digital marketing;

·     The strategic ways in which different kinds of businesses use social networks, wireless mobile technology and the internet to engage customers;

·     How to measure and assess the value of digital marketing efforts and establish goals related to them;

·     Possess the critical thinking skills needed to evaluate a company or organization’s use of a variety of e-marketing tools including social networks, video, blogs and websites;

·     The specialized role of Search and Search Engine Optimization in online marketing;

·     The various tools and options available for promoting products and services online and through handheld wireless devices;

·     Verbal and written communication skills needed to describe the value and tactics related to marketing in online and mobile environments;

·     Ethical and legal issues related to the use of social media and internet technologies for marketing purposes;

·     The e-marketing strategy process and the steps required to craft and execute that process;

·     Analytical and critical thinking skills required to understand internet marketing metrics as well as their role in determining the return on investment for e-marketing efforts;


Course Requirements

Students in MKT 460 can earn 100 points total over the course of the quarter. The total points earned will determine the final grade:






















Grades are based upon the follow requirements/deliverables:

·     Class Contributions 20%

·     E-Marketing Blog 20%

·     Digital Presence Critique 15%

·     Case Study Presentation and Report 20%

·     E-Marketing Strategy Proposal and Presentation 25%

Brief descriptions of each deliverable are listed below. Consult the course calendar at the end of this syllabus for all due dates and exam dates. Please note:  Due dates will vary for individual teams. It is your responsibility to know your teams’ deadlines.

Class Contributions: Attendance is obligatory since 20% of your grade is based upon active engagement and participation in class discussions and exercises; MKT 460 is highly participatory and hands on in terms of discussions and active exercises. Each class is worth two points and attendance alone does not result in the acquisition of points. Failure to participate and/or attend class will adversely affect your final grade by two points per absence/non-participation.


E-Marketing Blog: Using you will need to create a blog that captures examples of the effective or ineffective online/digital marketing efforts of companies and organizations that interest you. You will be evaluated on your analysis and critique of the examples that you feature on your blog. The best blogs will engage in comparisons of similar efforts by companies while showing screen shots/captures of examples as well as analysis of the specific reasons for the e-marketing shared (branding, promotion, advertising, engaging new customers, retaining existing ones etc.)  and your perceptions of whether or not the marketing is compelling or worthwhile. You can comment on virtually any and all aspects of e-marketing that you observe. See instructions sheet attached to this syllabus after the class schedule.

Case Study Presentation and Report: In groups of three, you will be expected to analyze and present a case study (assigned) on a specific issue or aspect of e-marketing. Your case study presentation will also include a report that summarizes the case including recommendations/solutions to the problems represented by the case. See instructions sheet attached to this syllabus after the class schedule.

E-marketing Strategy Proposal and Presentation: In the same groups of three, you will present a strategy and written proposal to an assigned company as if you were principles in a small e-marketing consulting firm. Your strategy will need to include specific measurable goals as well as targeted objectives for online presence, user generated content, crowdsourcing and more. The purpose of this exercise is to apply the concepts learned in the course to date. The presentation and proposal will be based upon a small business selected from the list of options. See instructions sheet attached to this syllabus after the class schedule.


Course Policies

A student that succeeds in MKT 460 must demonstrate the following traits and characteristics:

·     Downloads a copy of the textbook and reads it regularly and refers to concepts covered by it during class discussions;

·     Observes all university policies related to academic honesty and adheres to them at all times;

·     Shows up on time and prepared for class each week and stays focused for the entire period;

·     Actively engages professor and classmates during discussions and class activities;

·     Adopts disciplined study/work habits that allocate at least 4-6 hours per week on average for outside preparation and completion of requirements;

·     Is fully aware of all due dates, course requirements and asks professor (via email or office hours) if they are unsure;

·     Checks email regularly and communicates with professor in a timely way when needed;

·     Does not make excuses for missed deadlines or failed work and instead offers solutions to the problem of not meeting course requirements;

·     Works effectively with colleagues on group projects/presentations;

·     Acts like an adult who accepts full responsibility for their choices and actions whether they result in success or failure;

·     Commits fully to their professional success as a student while achieving balance in their personal life so it does not impinge upon that commitment.


Students with Disabilities

The university provides reasonable accommodations to students with documented physical and learning disabilities.  The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), located in Student Affairs Room 115 coordinates all documentation of disabilities (323-343-3140)

If you have any questions at any point during the quarter please contact the professor via email or during office hours as soon as possible.

Text Book

Click the following link to download a free copy of the textbook we will use in MKT 460.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8300