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MKT 3400 Consumer Behavior: Getting Started

Google Scholar

Easiest way to find scholarly articles is Google Scholar. The problem? Being asked to pay for content that you may have access to through the library. The solution? Use the link below. It will allow you to authenticate through your mycalstatela identit and automatically link to libray content when it is available

Tip for finding literature

Easiest way to search the literature in order to find studies that document the likelihood of engaging in a behavior is to search Google Scholar, ABI Inform Global and/or Business Source Premier.

Use keywords like these:

  • propensity, willingness, desire, preference, priority
  • sustainable, sustainability, recycling, recycle,  conservation, environmental, environmentalism

When using a search engine that allows you to just string words together (Google Scholar, ABI Inform) try combinations of these:

  • propensity sustainability
  • propensity recycle

The idea is ti find studies that uncover what behaviors and attributes are present in populations that are highly likely to engage in sustainable behaviors. Once you find these studies analyse them and see if they can be applied to your behaviors and attributes from your zip code.

Links to Consumer Behavior Databases

The links below are to the databases most useful for researching your MKT 3400 project:

Using SumplyAnalytics

Need help using SimplyAnalytics? There's a great tutorial that can be accessed from within SimplyAnalytics from the help link on the top right side. And don't forget: You can always email, text or come to office hours to get help. 

Subject Guide

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