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MGMT 468 Small Business: Getting Started

Business Research Sources

Researching Small Business @ CSULA

Small business research involves using multiple databases in order to put together a complete picture of a business potential, normally in order to craft a business plan. The following guide will give you easy access to the databases and resources you'll need to understand the potential value of a business and the industry in which it might operate.

Portable MBA

Great E-book that can fill in the gaps or refresh your knowledge regarding most business concepts. Excellent chapter on business analysis and valuation of companies as well as good information regarding all functional areas (marketing, strategy, accounting, financce, cis etc.)


Have questions about a term? Don't understand a ratio? Wondering how cash flow impacts operations? Wondering why the income statement is only half the picture? Check out It shouldbe your 'go to' database when you need to look up a business or financial term.

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