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Reporting Library Facilities Issues: Home


If you experience a non-emergency facilities issue please send an email outlining all details of the problem to:

Be sure to include the exact problem and the location affected. Carlos Bueno, Mike Low, and I will monitor this email and report issues to Facilities for resolution. Do not hesitate to submit an issue if you notice something is not working correctly. Examples of non-emergency facilities issues include:

  • Too hot/too cold
  • Small water leaks that pose no immediate risk of damage to the building or collections
  • Toilet/sink stopped up
  • Door/window problems
  • Burned out lightbulb
  • Pest problems
  • Trash clean up


If you experience an emergency facilities issue please contact Mike and Carlos immediately at 3-5232.

If you are unable to reach them please contact Matthew at 3-3991. If you can’t reach any of them please call the First Floor Service Desk at 3-3988. Examples of emergency facilities issues include:

  • Major leaks/floods
  • Toilet/sink overflowing
  • All lights in an area not working
  • Anything that poses a safety issue to staff or patrons
John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
California State University, Los Angeles
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