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Graduate Student Workshop: Finding Articles

Choosing Databases

Look at the databases by subject list to find databases on a broad subject related to your topic.

Choosing Databases cont.

When looking for a list of databases on a more specific topic, take a look at the list of Libguides created on a specific topic, or for a specific department, program, our course.





Searching the Article Databases

Cal State LA Library databases

Use one or more of the following databases or indexes to find scholarly articles. The full list of available databases/indexes can be found using the   tab on the library homepage.


Several Cal State LA databases are interdisciplinary, and include articles from cross-fields of study--social science, humanities, and natural science. These include...


Several databases specialize in sub-disciplines of the humanities. These include...

Other databases specialize in sub-disciplines of the social sciences. These include...

Other databases specialize in sub-disciplines of the natural sciences. These include...

To open any of these databases, click on the link for the database, type in your myCALSTATELA authentication (if you're working off-campus), and then begin an Advanced Search! 

Searching Multiple Ebsco Databases at Once


 Search multiple databases at once by clicking on choose databases within an Ebsco database:


  • Scroll over the bubble next to the database name to see a brief description of what types of resources are included:                                                                                                                      


  • Select as many databases as you like and then click


One Search

Use One Search to look for for scholarly articles in over 150 different library databases and journal collections.  You can also request articles (that we don't own at Cal State LA) from other libraries using Interlibrary Loan.



After Hours Research Help

Finding the Full Text of an Article from a Database Search

Library databases enable you to retrieve the full-text of an article, either by clicking the full-text link  or the button for the article you want.


Does the database you are searching in provide this article in PDF or HTML full-text?


If so, click on the full text link to save and/or print the full article and export the article citation to Refworks.    


If not, click on   to learn how to locate the article in full-text. This page will let you know if:


1. The article you are looking for is available in another database


2. If the article is not available in another database, you can submit a request to get the article using Interlibrary Loan (ILL).  ILL is a service where the library gets an electronic copy of the article for you for free and sends you a notification to your email.


About Interlibrary Loan

The Cal State LA library does not have the article you need?  No problem.  We'll get it for you. Use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request it from another library. 


  • What's it cost? Nothing, ILL is free for currently enrolled Cal State LA students.
  • How long does it take? Somewhere between 3 working days and 2 weeks.
  • How do I access the article?  You will receive an e-mail when it is available. Log in to your ILL account   and click on View Electronically Received Articles.  Click on the PDF to download.


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