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Library Resources for DTLA Students: Search Techniques

Advanced Search Techniques


Search any form of a word by taking the root of the word and adding an asterix.


Example:  Comput* will search compute, computer, computing, computation, etc.


Boolian Operators AND, OR,


Narrow your search using AND in between each of your keywords to find articles with all of your keywords included. The more keywords you add using AND, the fewer results you will have.


Example: soft drinks and childhood obesity


Broaden your search using OR in between each of your keywords to find articles with any of your keywords included.  Use OR when you are searching synonyms/ similar/ related terms. The more keywords you search using OR, the more results you will have.


Example:  teen* or youth or adolescent or "young adult"



Putting quotes around your keywords allows you to search the terms as a phrase


Example"No Child Left Behind"


Boolean Search Tutorial

A tutorial to learn how to effectively use AND, OR, and NOT from the Colorado State University Libraries.

Subject Guide

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