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Information Literacy Tutorial: 3. Searching

Keywords for Searching

Identify the main concepts (keywords) in your Research Question and explore synonyms.
Research Question Example:     

"Will banning whale hunting remove them from the endangered species list?"   





Prohibit Whales Hunt
Criminalize Mammals Kill
Condemn Cetacean Chase


Helpful sources for generating keyword/synonyms!

Boolean Searching

                 Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators are connector words that can help you narrow or broaden a search. They include: AND, OR and NOT.

Article Searching

 Watch the video to see an example of an article search using Academic Search Complete.

Tip:  When searching a library database from off-campus, you'll need to enter your  
        MyCalStateLA user name and password to gain access.

Catalog Searching

To search the Cal State LA Library Catalog (and more) enter your search term(s) into the OneSearch box on the library home page.

For example, "Global Warming" and then click the "Go" button

Learn more about Using OneSearch


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