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Information Literacy Tutorial: 2. Choosing the Right Sources

Identifying the Types of Materials You'll Need

Professors typically specify materials needed.

These are the most commonly used:

  • Books
  • Scholarly Articles
  • Media: DVD's, CD's, and more
  • Web Sources

Note: All the above may include Primary and Secondary sources

Remember if your topic is very current, certain materials may not be published.

Watch the video to learn more  

The Information Cycle from UCF Libraries on Vimeo.

Using Different Search Tools


To find resources start at the Library's Homepage
Image that explains the different search options on the Library's webpage.

Finding Peer-reviewed (also called Scholarly) Journals


Does your assignment require "Peer Reviewed" sources (also known as Scholarly Sources), but you are not quite sure what that means? Check out the video below, then follow the link for more info.

Understanding the Difference Between Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary sources: are the first hand evidence left behind by participants or observers at the time of events.  

Secondary Sources: are analysis and commentary on primary sources.

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