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ANTH 3350: Maturity & Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Getting Started

What Researchers Do:

TOPIC – Define the research question/statement

SOURCES – Identify the information need (Do you need background info? A research article? A literature review article? etc.)

KEYWORDS – Select the words you will be using to find information effectively and efficiently (Use a variety of words to describe your topic/concepts. Find subject headings that relate to your topic/concept).

EVALUATION – Evaluate information critically. Is the info relevant, reliable, current, appropriate?

USE--Organize, synthesize and communicate information to make your point/argument.

CITE--Ethically and legally access and use info by avoiding plagiarism and citing all your sources.

Keyword Search Tips

Keywords - Enter starting keywords. Scan your results and identify relevant/useful articles.Notice the subject headings. Use these subject heading in your next search. Scan the abstract to get more vocabulary words to use in your next search. 

Truncation - Use an asterisks * to get variations of a word. For example: cult* = culture, cultures, cultural

Using Boolean Operators for Keyword Searching

Subject Guide

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