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Library Study Zones: Study Zones

About the Library's Study Zones

The Library's new Study Zone Policy was enacted in response to student feedback.  


  • Conversation allowed but please speak quietly
  • No phone conversations
  • Set phone to vibrate or silent 
  • A Level East - Library North
  • 1st Floor - Library North
  • 2nd Floor Center - Library North


  • Occasional discussion is OK
  • Speak quietly
  • No phone conversations
  • Set phone to vibrate or silent
  • Headphones at low volume
  • A Level West - Library North
  • B Level - Library North
  • 2nd Floor Perimeter - Library North
  • 3rd Floor - Library North
  • 2nd and 3rd Floor - Bridges




  • Silent study only
  • No talking of any kind
  • Set phone to silent mode
  • Headphones at low volume
  • 3rd Floor Library South          



Please respect the rules of each study zone and be mindful of your peers.

While the library staff will do its best to enforce this policy, we need the cooperation of the entire community!

We cannot guarantee perfect silence in the red zone, or constant quiet in the yellow  zone. Sound may carry from study rooms or through doorways and people (like you!) using these areas may generate some gentle noises (keyboard clicks, pages turning, an occasional cough, etc.). Please be patient with these minor interruptions.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
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