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Highly Recommended

Google Scholar LInked to CSULA Resources

If you want to use a search engine for your Academic Research, we highly recommend you try "Google Scholar -- Linked to CSULA Resources"

Unlike a regular Google search, if you use the link above, your search results will focus on "academic" information sources (books, journal articles, content from educational websites, etc.) and if we have the item here at CSULA, you'll see a direct link to it on the right side of the page.

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Things to know when you search the web

Search engines only cover a portion of the Internet
Major search engines only search a portion of all the information stored on the Internet.

More and more information is being lost to the invisible web
Many web pages are database generated and are not searched by major search engines. For invisible web search assistance, go to the University of California, Berkeley Library The Invisible Web tutorial.

Make sure you are a critical consumer
Anyone can publish a web page and make it accessible to the world.  Beware of bias, mistakes and outright fabrication.

For more help, go to the library's:  
Evaluating Information on the World Wide Web.

Search Tips

Figure out how a particular search engine works
The Search Engine Showdown features chart is a good resource.

Designate phrases whenever possible
Put quotation marks around phrases, such as "John F. Kennedy".

Make use of features that allow you to find similar web pages
Try options such as "More Like This" or "Related Sites".

Avoid the use of stop words
Do not type in aantheof...

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