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OneSearch Basics: What is OneSearch?

Introducing OneSearch

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Your place for finding books, articles, media and more from Cal State LA, the CSU Library System, and worldwide.

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch features an intuitive and mobile-ready single interface that provides a gateway to a wealth of print, electronic and digital collections, and makes it easy to find, explore, cite, save and share books and media from across the CSU Libraries. OneSearch includes CSU+, a new book and media sharing system for the entire CSU.

What am I searching with OneSearch?

By default, OneSearch looks for resources available at Cal State LA, including: 

  • Articles - An interdisciplinary collection of millions of articles from numerous databases and providers. 
  • Books and Media - Including ebooks, DVD's, music CDs, etc.
  • Course Reserves - Materials placed in the library by professors and available for short term checkout


John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8300