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As the primary bibliographic and information resource for the curriculum of the University, the library emphasizes rapid access to needed materials and information. The library actively promotes the immediate availability of textual, numeric, and visual resources. In its collections, information resources, instruction, and other services, the library's emphasis is on delivering support for the curriculum and programs of colleges and departments. Access to the library collections is enhanced by end-user and librarian-mediated access to a variety of electronic information resources. The library actively promotes the principle of equal access to intellectual resources regardless of format for all constituencies in the campus community. The library strives to provide access to information appropriate to each college discipline, along with needed user instruction and support.

As an essential teaching and research laboratory, the library emphasizes instruction, reference services, on site and remote access to information in print and electronic formats, development of information literacy, and management of collections. The library provides resources and support for the University's major functions--teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, and community service. The library is located at the center of the campus in two interconnected buildings--Library North and Palmer Wing.

University Library

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John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8300